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Commercial masonry plays a major role in construction outcomes

IEI commercial masonryIEI self-performs commercial masonry for optimal quality control

Commercial masonry accounts for a significant portion of the visual appeal that results from construction projects, making it a highly scrutinized aspect of the final outcome. IEI General Contractors maximizes quality control and schedule variability by using our own crews to complete commercial masonry jobs.

Construction projects require multiple trades during the course of the schedule, some more visible than others. IEI self-performs tasks such as concrete and commercial masonry largely because of our ability to monitor quality and be agile with scheduling.

“Our masons care deeply about how a project looks in the end,” explains Chris Berg, IEI’s president. “They know their work reflects directly on IEI as a company as opposed to a subcontractor who may not have that level of commitment.”

Commercial masonry can make up time in a construction schedule

There are a multitude of moving parts when it comes to keeping a construction schedule. We have found that the more we can control on our end, the better the chances of a project staying on schedule. Commercial masonry is an element that provides us with some flexibility.

The ability to self-perform commercial masonry and many other tasks gives us the opportunity to work weekends or longer days during the week to make up time or even get ahead of schedule when appropriate. It is what makes us a leader among commercial, education, retail and medical building contractors.

Recent projects in which IEI crews provided commercial masonry services include the Door County YMCA, renovations at Fox Stadium (home of the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers), Nature’s Way expansion, Bellin Hospital seventh floor remodeling, and Pulaski Dental.

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