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Coin pusher machine continues to draw loyal players

8 Line Supply coin pusher machine8 Line Supply offers a variety of popular coin pusher machines

The traditional coin pusher machine and its simple premise continues to attract new players as well as older fans in an age when high-resolution VGA graphics and eye-catching artwork are the rage with many amusement and gaming machines.

8 Line Supply provides home and business customers with a wide range of coin pusher machine models that stand the test of time. Unlike software-based games, coin pusher machine technology relies on gravity more than glitz to keep players on the edge of their seats.

Seeing coins that are teetering on the edge of falling off the tray is a powerful attraction for potential players. The nature of the coin pusher machine is coins seemingly are always in a state of suspended animation. “Certainly one more coin will do the trick!”

Plain Jane coin pusher machine is a consistent favorite

One of our most popular coin pusher machines is the Plain Jane, which is anything but plain. Its appeal stems from the single player-controlled coin chute, a skill button that starts and stops the coin pusher tray, and the ability to get change for a $1 bill up to a $20 bill without leaving the machine.

Our customers love Plain Jane’s dependability, low maintenance, and ease of operation. It features a sturdy case that is 54 inches high, just under 24 inches wide, and 31 inches deep, with long-lasting LED lighting.

Plain Jane features a skill button for tray start and stoppage, tilt plum bob, and an anti-slam switch. Its heavy-duty industrial motor delivers thousands of hours of entertainment.

8 Line Supply has ready inventory of game boards for the new NCG Suite 4 and NCG Deluxe multi games from Banilla Games, as well as the Plain Jane coin pusher machine. Call us for the latest prices.

About 8 Line Supply

8 Line Supply is a leading distributor of 8 Liner, Cherry Master, Pot-O-Gold and Coin Pusher amusement and gaming machines. In addition, 8 Line Supply provides a full line of accessories from top brands in the industry including game boards, LCD monitors, bill acceptors, harnesses, power supplies and more for customers throughout North America and around the world.

Customers are invited to place orders at, call 920-347-0333 or visit the 8 Line Supply retail location at 2210 American Blvd. in De Pere, Wisconsin.

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