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Carbon fiber rolls generate immediate return on investment

MECA carbon fiber rollsLighter weight and better corrosion resistance extend lifespan

It wasn’t that long ago when printers and converters viewed carbon fiber rolls as little more than a higher-priced alternative to traditional steel rolls. Those days seem like ancient history today as carbon fiber rolls have become the standard for more customers than ever in the race for profitability.

The lightweight, yet sturdy characteristics of carbon fiber rolls produced by MECA enable much higher line speeds with minimal vibration and runout. The increase in productivity without sacrificing quality is just one aspect of the investment return generated by carbon fiber rolls, albeit the most immediately noticeable.

Carbon fiber rolls weigh about 75 percent less than their steel counterparts, a characteristic which produces long-term benefits that are just as significant. The lighter weight of the rolls creates less stress on drive and servo motors, and enhances worker safety particularly during anilox sleeve changeovers.

MECA brings expertise in carbon fiber rolls and anilox sleeves

MECA’s expertise in manufacturing both carbon fiber rolls and anilox sleeves is relatively rare in the industry and creates opportunities for enhanced value. Our understanding of what is required of both assets for optimal performance saves time and money in creating ideal pairings.

We design internal piping for sleeves that make it easier for workers to complete changeovers, and the color-coded pull rings make the changeover process even easier. These color codes enable workers to identify specific roll patterns at a glance rather than looking inside the sleeve or using magnification.

All of our carbon fiber rolls and anilox sleeves are made in our Green Bay, Wisconsin, facility, giving you peace of mind that American-made quality and workmanship is at the core of each product. This allows you to avoid the skyrocketing shipping costs faced by international suppliers and making your investment in carbon fiber rolls a sound economical decision.

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MECA is a premier manufacturer of precision rolls for the printing and web handling industries. MECA specializes in flexographic print sleeves, heat transfer rolls, carry rolls, mandrels, coating rolls and vacuum rolls. As part of the Precision Roll Solutions family, MECA helps the world’s leading manufacturers leverage texture and other process variables to make their products more effective and enhance their impact in the marketplace.

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