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Can windshields crack from heat in Florida?

Yes, extreme heat can cause cracked windshield damage

If you’re wondering, can windshields crack from heat in Florida? The quick answer is yes, just like extremely cold temperatures can lead to a cracked windshield in colder climates. But since Same Day Windshields is located in the Sunshine State, we’ll focus on the effect that heat can have on your windshield.

Rocks, birds and other airborne objects certainly cause their share of cracked windshields, but heat is a bigger culprit than you might imagine. More precisely, it is the quick change in temperature between a hot vehicle exterior and an interior suddenly cooled with a blasting air conditioner that often stands as the root cause.

Regardless of the exact reason for a cracked windshield, Florida law windshield replacement language provides for zero out-of-pocket cost for vehicles covered by full coverage insurance. Your Same Day Windshields customer service representative will work with your insurance company to confirm coverage or provide a cash quote when appropriate.

What causes a cracked windshield from heat?

The more accurate answer when vehicle owners ask us, “Can windshields crack from heat?” is that the warm weather we get in Florida certainly might be part of the reason. Windshields that suffer damage by means other than a direct strike likely experienced a rapid change in temperature.

Like many substances, glass expands and contracts as it heats or cools. Blasting your AC with the blowers aimed toward a hot windshield is a recipe for damage. Instead, angle your vents downward or use the floor setting for a few minutes first to gradually lower the interior temperature.

High temperatures also can affect the metal edges of your windshield. Try touching a metal edge (actually, don’t) and you will sense how hot the metal trim can get. Expanding metal also can cause stress cracks in windshield glass. Parking in the shade or a garage will keep your vehicle out of direct sunlight and minimize the peak temperatures subjected to the windshield and vehicle interior.

Cracked windshields do happen, unfortunately, through no fault of your own. When it does, the Same Day Windshields team is ready to get you back on the road quickly, usually faster than the national chains. Have your vehicle information, location and insurance information ready for our friendly customer service representatives when you call, and they will schedule a visit from one of our cracked windshield specialists.

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