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Calender roll setups differ between EV battery and paper runs

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Paper calendering allows for more forgiveness in surface texture

Calender roll options and calendering machines from Precision Roll Solutions (PRS) provide converters with the assets they need to produce high-quality products for their customer base. The specific setups required for these production runs vary depending on the substrate involved.

Calender rolls and embossing rolls are similar in that they press against a substrate. The difference lies in the purpose of the rolls. Embossing rolls and anilox rollers carry a pattern that imprints on a substrate, while calender rolls by definition are smooth and serve a completely different purpose.

When used in EV battery production, a calender roll pairing compresses the copper or aluminum foil substrate (cathode or anode material) through a microscopic gap. EV battery producers set the calendering machine to apply high pressure through the ultra-precise roll surfaces. This produces a mirror-smooth result that improves particle contact and enhances the energy density of the battery.

Calender roll uses heat and pressure to affect paper surface

Paper calendering has a slightly different purpose, although still anchored in the compression abilities of calender roll pairings. Calendering in the paper industry can combine two webs into one as well as polish or shine a web for high-quality print purposes.

Calender roll placement for paper runs often feature a nip across the web in which the rolls would be touching if the substrate was not present. Additional heat and pressure can result in glossier surface characteristics.

Likewise in tissue applications, converters use roll pressures to dial in the bulk level of the material. The desired bulk ultimately drives absorbency and bulk softness in a tissue sheet.

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