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Boiler replacement can generate energy efficiency benefits

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Deciding whether the time is right to consider boiler replacement usually comes down to a few key factors. Robinson Heating & Cooling boiler specialists can help you make an informed decision and understand when boiler replacement might be the best decision.

Many people are unsure as to the differences between boilers and furnaces, and how they operate with your home heating systems. Simply put, boilers use either natural gas, heating oil or propane to heat hot water or steam. They distribute the heated liquid through pipes to radiators throughout your home. Furnaces, by contrast, use ductwork to distribute heated air throughout your home.

“Boilers and furnaces have evolved over the years to feature enhanced energy efficiencies and delivery systems,” explains Taylor Daul, boiler specialist at Robinson Heating & Cooling. “Our customers who invest in boiler replacement tell us they appreciate the exceptional durability and energy savings of modern boilers.”

Boiler replacement is the right call when this happens

Boilers, like furnaces, can signal when their usefulness is coming to an end. Age often is a key factor. Cast iron boilers can last considerably longer than furnaces, with lifespans of 20 years or more common with regular maintenance. Condensing boilers, which provide even better energy efficiency than cast iron boilers, can last 15 years or more.

Water leaks around a boiler are another sign that boiler replacement might be necessary. An assessment by one of our technicians can determine if boiler repair is feasible. We also can check for underlying causes behind inconsistent temperatures between rooms in your house, and energy bills that are higher than expected. Both could be a sign of a boiler that is losing its heating efficiency.

Take care to keep your carbon monoxide detectors up to date, changing them out every 5-7 years. These units are important for multiple reasons, including their ability to detect when your boiler is not burning fuel properly. Black soot on oil boilers and yellow flames on gas burners are signs your boiler may be generating this poisonous gas.

Your Robinson Heating & Cooling team can help with a range of home comfort issues ranging from whole house air purifier installation to boiler replacement and other heating and cooling systems.

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