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Battery energy storage systems offer cost-savings benefits

Robinson Inc. battery energy storage systems

Using power from BESS at peak times can decrease energy bills

Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors, developers, and energy storage customers are turning to Robinson for their experience packaging battery energy storage systems (BESS). These rechargeable systems store energy, typically from wind or solar arrays, and discharge the stored energy during peak consumption hours or power outages.

Robinson is responding to the growing demand for battery energy storage systems by offering a single point of contact for complete turnkey packages. As a leading contract metal manufacturer, we have the necessary expertise to support design, manufacturing, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and customer shipment to serve as your single point of contact partner for battery energy storage systems.

Battery energy storage systems have progressed to the point where software plays a major role in return on investment. Information about system health, performance, maintenance and even automated bidding opportunities have brought increased value to BESS operators and ultimately consumers. Robinson’s automation and controls group ensures operating systems are fully integrated and functional during FAT prior to shipment. A truly unique turnkey solutions provider in the battery energy storage market.

Reduce demand charges with battery energy storage systems

Peak shaving is one of the most common applications for BESS units. Batteries are charged via windmills or solar panels during low-cost periods of the day. These batteries are then discharged to the grid during high cost, peak hours of the day. This results in a lower energy bill to consumers and a cost effective solution for utility companies when managing peak demand requirements.

Another emerging application for battery energy storage systems is microgrids. Microgrids are independent energy systems, often incorporating battery storage, which are isolated from the main grid system. Rural or remote populations who have traditionally lacked access to reliable energy sources are turning to microgrids to solve this challenge. Colleges, hospitals and businesses are also incorporating microgrids to achieve a higher level of independence from the grid, integrating renewable energy credits into their business and lowering overall energy costs.

Robinson packages battery energy storage systems for multiple applications. Our attention to quality, safety, cooling, accessibility and weatherization are just a few of the reasons customers have come to rely on us. You can count on us to deliver fully equipped battery energy storage systems with performance capabilities well beyond the ISO containers of the past.

About Robinson, Inc.

Robinson, Inc., is a single-source metal solutions provider based in De Pere, Wisconsin. Robinson offers design, manufacturing and production fabrication for a wide range of industries. The company employs more than 500 people at four Wisconsin locations comprising 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

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