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Batley CPA Tax & Business Alert June 2019

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TCJA inspires many business owners to reconsider entity choice

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has given business owners much to think about, including whether to change the structure under which their companies operate. This article explains what’s changed and offers some scenarios to ponder. A sidebar looks at what growth-focused businesses should think about.

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Consider the tax advantages of qualified small business stock

Finding ways to defer or minimize taxes on investments is always important. One way to do so — and diversify one’s portfolio, too — is to invest in qualified small business stock. This article describes the tax advantages.

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Vacation homes: Do you understand the tax nuances?

A vacation home can provide a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But that’s not all: It can also offer valuable tax benefits. This article sorts out the rules for claiming a tax break.

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Ensuring your long-term care policy is tax-qualified

A long-term care insurance policy supplements traditional health insurance by covering services that assist the insured with one or more activities of daily living. Long-term care coverage is relatively expensive, but it may be possible to reduce the cost under a tax-qualified policy. This brief article explains how “tax-qualified” is defined.

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