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Background check requirements protect your organization

WI Drug Testing background check requirements Account portal gives employers 24/7 access to fast results

Background check requirements by school systems and businesses alike deliver a cost-effective means of preventing potential personnel problems before they develop. Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium (WDTC) offers an online portal that provides convenient access for organizations looking to fulfill background check requirements with a minimum of effort.

“Before you shake hands with anyone, it is best practice to understand that person’s background,” states Mike Bray, president of Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium. “For example, if you are considering an individual who will keep your books, you want to make sure their books are in order first.”

WDTC, which also serves as a drug testing consortium manager, provides access to a national system that scours records in all 50 states in fulfilling background check requirements. This bundled package searches public records for instances of criminal, sexual and violent offenses, as well as a Social Security trace. The system is appropriate for official use only and has 24/7 availability.

Background check requirements also can include volunteers

Last-minute coaching changes, new volunteers and other staff adjustments are commonplace as school districts work to keep positions filled and students engaged. School districts and other organizations rely on WDTC to assist with background check requirements without delay.

Upon receiving the signed release required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, employers can enter an individual’s information into the online portal and usually receive results in about an hour. The system also features a link that can be emailed to a prospective employee or volunteer which enables them to enter their own information. Prospects have the right to request the results of the search.

The platform includes a question about prior names used by an individual in the event that records exist under more than one identity. Charges accrue on a per-search basis, ensuring you pay only for the services you use in completing background check requirements.

About Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium

Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium is an accredited, Certified Third Party Administrator (C-TPA), and specializes in DOT consortium management and Clearinghouse compliance; 100% electronic from your desktop portal; a variety of drug testing methods, including urine, hair and fingernails; post-accident testing; pre-employment drug tests; criminal background checks; supervisor training programs to keep employees compliant with DOT regulations; pre-employment DOT physicals; and paternity DNA testing.

Headquartered in Green Bay, WDTC also has offices in Oshkosh and Appleton, Wisconsin. Call 920-393-4168 or visit for more information.

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