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Aviation fuel trailers bring fuel where you need it most

Gas Trailer aviation fuel trailersGas Trailer’s products provide solutions for independent aviators

Having dependable access to a fuel source that is convenient and available on demand is a consistent challenge for many seaplane pilots and other independent aviators. A growing number of pilots are turning to Gas Trailer for aviation fuel trailers that provide a portable and secure fuel solution.

Gas Trailer’s line of aviation fuel trailers enable pilots and remote operators such as resort owners to obtain fuel where it makes the most sense logistically as well as financially, and then tow it over the road while remaining DOT-compliant.

Our aviation fuel trailers are also ideal solutions for storing fuel in a hanger as opposed to truck-mounted fuel tanks. Setting up a dedicated location to park your aviation fuel trailer makes fuel available on demand rather than relying on a truck-mounted unit to be onsite.

Aviation fuel trailers match varying operational needs

The thought of hauling 5-gallon cans loaded with aviation fuel in the back of your pickup truck, and then carrying them up to your aircraft’s gas tank makes most pilots cringe. Not only is this strenuous and time consuming, it’s also potentially dangerous.

Gas Trailer answers that challenge with aviation fuel trailer models that meet varying budgets and operational requirements. The Contractor 110 Aviation and Pro 110 Aviator both feature aviation-rated components and are DOT-compliant.

The trailers’ 15 gallons per-minute flow rates make it easy to have your aircraft refueled and ready to fly quickly compared to hand-filling with those clumsy 5-gallon cans or taking side trips to another fueling source.

It is important for aviation fuel trailers to stay below the 119-gallon limit that defines an intermediate bulk container (IBC). Our 110 line of aviation fuel trailers (so named for their 110-gallon capacity) accomplishes this by staying below the threshold of being considered a tanker and the regulations that go with it.

Gas Trailer offers high-quality products for portable fuel solutions

De Pere, Wisconsin-based Gas Trailer specializes in the design and production of portable fuel solutions for private, business, and commercial customers. A division of Robinson Metal, Inc., Gas Trailer uses industry-leading manufacturing capabilities to produce a wide range of fuel delivery products for stationary and mobile applications.

For more information on our aviation fuel trailers or to request a quote, call Steve Hartliep, national sales manager for Gas Trailer products, at (920) 615-3438, or visit

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