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A lathe with live tooling functions benefits customers

lathe with live tooling functionsTitletown Manufacturing maximizes accuracy by minimizing production steps

You may wonder why we felt our expertise in using a lathe with live tooling functions is important enough to merit a blog post. After all, your main concern is finding a metal shop partner you can count on for high-quality metal fabrication and aluminum fabrication services. You might not care about the details, right?

Here’s why our team’s ability to use a lathe should matter to you: this machine gives us the capability of producing the most accurate components possible for your project in the least amount of time.

“Our investment in a lathe with live tooling functions is a direct result of our customers’ expectation for efficient precision in the production of their orders,” says Titletown Manufacturing co-owner Dan Hilliard.

Lathe with live tooling functions creates process efficiencies

Having access to a lathe with live tooling functions eliminates the need to remove a part from the lathe and enter it into a mill in order to complete the keyways, flats, holes, shapes and other mill functions needed for your part’s manufacturing process.

“Our equipment streamlines our production process by enabling secondary operations such as drilling and end milling to take place without repositioning the part on a separate machine,” explains co-owner Chris Fuss. “This results in highly accurate parts production in a fraction of the time it would take to use multiple machines.”

The repeatability that is possible when using a lathe with live tooling functions gives you the confidence of knowing every component will be the same as the last. Our focus on precision production translates into high performance for your project.

Call us to learn how your project would benefit from production on a lathe with live tooling functions.

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