TourGuide Solutions Provides Tour Guide System Rental

TourGuide Solutions Provides Tour Guide System Rental

Trade Show and Event Planners Depend on Wireless Audio Systems

Tour guide system rental from TourGuide SolutionsTrade show and event planners are leveraging the tour guide system rental offerings of TourGuide Solutions to ensure guests can hear presentations in loud or acoustically challenging environments. TourGuide Solutions is a recognized leader in wireless tour guide system rentals in North America and provides easy-to-use, reliable options to improve any event. As tours continue to trend, so does the growth of TourGuide Solutions’ rental offering. The company continues to be chosen as the plant tour headset equipment provider for small and large events, including IndustryWeek’s Manufacturing & Technology Conference for the fourth year in a row.

“Our high-quality rental systems are the perfect fit for IndustryWeek’s Manufacturing & Technology Conference held in major cities across the United States,” said Bridget Pedersen, Event and Marketing Specialist at TourGuide Solutions. “We typically provide tour guide system rentals to five to ten plant tour hosts that run multiple tours throughout the day. Even at that large scale, the multi-site event goes off without a hitch.”

TourGuide Solutions offers two dependable rental systems, the company’s own TGS-900 and the Sennheiser 2020 tour guide system. Both systems feature easy setup along with options for using a microphone or going hands-free. The wireless design means there is no fumbling with wires, and the equipment comes in an integrated charging case that makes it easy to manage equipment before and after a tour.

“The IndustryWeek Manufacturing & Technology Conference planners are able to focus their attention on other details because they can trust the tour guide systems are in stock, delivered in time for the event and extremely reliable,” Pedersen said. “It is our priority to make sure each plant tour host receives their equipment charged, tested and sanitized so they can focus on their guests and enjoy high-quality audio with no hassle.”

The TGS-900 tour guide system comes in a lightweight, soft-sided case with a drop-in charging rack holding 12 slots for a 10-receiver package and 24 slots for a 20-receiver package. The receiver units feature single around-the-ear speaker earphones or lightweight stereo headphones.

The Sennheiser tour guide system features lightweight headsets that event or tour participants wear to amplify the speaker’s voice, complete with individual volume control. A sensitivity setting on the wireless microphone is available for use in extremely noisy environments, allowing the user to diminish up to 36 decibels of background noise and provide crystal-clear audio.

Trade show and event coordinators can request a demo kit to try out equipment before making a tour guide system rental decision, and TourGuide Solutions offers onsite services if you need extra hands to coordinate tours.

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About TourGuide Solutions

TourGuide Solutions is an affiliate company of OwnersEdge Inc., a 100 percent employee-owned ESOP holding company based in Brookfield, Wisconsin. TourGuide Solutions, founded in 1998, has provided a wide range of Fortune 500 companies with audio equipment to usher guests through live, interactive plant tours. Its clients include Toyota, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Whirlpool, John Deere and P&G. TourGuide Solutions represents a wide array of product lines, including Sennheiser 2020Williams Sound Digi-WaveListen Technologies and its own TGS-900.

TourGuide Solutions offers warranty protection, with post-warranty care standard with every purchase. Next-day service is available to locations within the United States. Call 877-204-0225 or visit for more information about TourGuide Solutions products or to request a quote.

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