Security, Efficiencies Power Healthcare Scanner Sales

Security, Efficiencies Power Healthcare Scanner Sales

ARMS Partners With Fujitsu to Provide Industry-Leading Scanners

Fujitsu healthcare scanner sales - ARMSDE PERE, Wisconsin – As the healthcare industry moves steadily into digital technology and information storage, healthcare scanner sales have become an important investment in workflow modernization. Automated Records Management Systems (ARMS), an authorized reseller of scanners produced by Fujitsu Computer Products of America, works with healthcare customers to provide cost-saving solutions that meet workflow demands.

“Digitizing sensitive documents has made healthcare scanner sales an important segment of our business,” said Eric Haas, president and CEO of ARMS. “State and federal laws such as FACTA and HIPAA require healthcare organizations to prevent identity theft and ensure privacy, and digitizing records is one way to do that.”

ARMS, which also provides records management and workflow software services, partnered with Fujitsu to secure a line of scanning products capable of handling the high workload volumes common with healthcare organizations.

“Fujitsu is an established leader in the document imaging market,” Haas said. “Digitizing sensitive documents such as those in a healthcare environment is a cost-effective way for organizations to establish more control over security and storage costs.”

Healthcare Scanner Sales Climbing

A driving force behind the growth in healthcare scanner sales is the ability to offer state-of-the-art solutions in the workgroup, departmental and production-level categories for organizations of any size. Fujitsu scanners feature superior speed and image quality to go with paper handling efficiency. The equipment is compatible with more than 200 document imaging applications.

“Healthcare and legal document scanning and the high-level security of those scans are important factors in preventing records breaches,” Haas added. “Backing up the digitized data eliminates the need to retain the duplicate copies in paper form.”

One of the primary benefits of healthcare document scanning is the savings organizations realize from reducing the space required for storing what often amounts to thousands of pounds of paper. Physical storage of paper documents often takes place at off-site locations, creating significant delays in accessing important information.

In addition to healthcare scanner sales, ARMS provides secure document shredding services, off-site storage, data protection, records management and workflow software services for companies and organizations in the Green Bay, Wisconsin, area and across the United States.

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