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Secure Document Shredding Provides Companies With Peace of Mind

ARMS Helps Clients Eliminate the Risk of Compromised Information

secure document shredding at ARMSDE PERE, Wisconsin – Secure document shredding has become a hot-button topic in the wake of high-profile security breaches during the past year. Automated Records Management Systems (ARMS), an industry leader in secure shredding services, works closely with clients to eliminate the risk with destroying paper documents.

“While many security breaches occur in the digital realm, organizations cannot afford to let their guard down when it comes to printed material as well,” said Eric Haas, president and CEO of ARMS. “State and federal laws such as FACTA and HIPAA require that organizations follow secure document shredding policies to prevent identity theft and ensure privacy.”

Obvious Targets Aren’t the Only Risks

Corporate and individual financial, payroll and human resources records are filled with sensitive information that can be compromised if not destroyed appropriately. Typical recycling practices do not guarantee sensitive information is completely destroyed. Recycling bins usually are not secured, making it easy for anyone to access the contents.

Obvious targets for theft include individual and corporate payroll information documents, but even junk mail contains information that can put organizations and individuals at risk. Junk mailings often contain bits of information that thieves can use to access existing accounts or open new ones, including middle initials, addresses and account numbers.

“The costs associated with secure document shredding are minor compared to the damage that can occur when organizations take shredding for granted,” Haas stated. “All it takes is the theft of a single piece of sensitive information to realize how vulnerable an organization’s printed documents can be.”

Remove Paper From the Risk Equation

Digitizing sensitive documents is a cost-effective way to exert more control over the storage of sensitive documents. Secure document scanning reduces the need for dedicated physical storage space while protecting the integrity of sensitive information and data. ARMS follows processes that help ensure the maximum level of legal document security for its customers. Legal document scanning and the subsequent high-level security of those scans are an extremely important component to preventing records breaches.

Secure document shredding takes place after the scanning portion of the process is complete. Since the digitized data is backed up, there is no need to retain the duplicate copies in paper form. One of the primary benefits of legal document scanning is the savings organizations realize from reducing the space required for storing what often amounts to thousands of pounds of paper. Physical storage of paper documents often takes place at off-site locations, creating significant delays in accessing important information.

“In addition, digitizing this information makes it much easier to access than having to sort through rooms filled with banker’s boxes,” Haas noted. “Approved individuals can access electronic information with a few keystrokes from anywhere in the world.”

Third-Party Validation

ARMS has earned Privacy+ certification from PRISM International, the global trade association for information management companies. The certification pertains to ARMS’s physical storage and handling of hard-copy records and offline removable computer media.

ARMS also holds certification through the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), the standards-setting body for the information destruction industry. NAID’s AAA Certification Program is a voluntary program for NAID member companies providing information destruction services.

“There is no limit to the types of documents that are appropriate for legal document scanning and secure document shredding services,” Haas said. “We encourage our clients to think beyond the obvious needs for secure document shredding and err on the side of safety. Their employees and their business will be better off for it.”

In addition to secure document shredding services, ARMS provides off-site storage, data protection, records management and workflow software services for companies and organizations in the Green Bay, Wisconsin, area and across the United States.

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