Records Management Systems Help Organizations Maintain Quick, Secure Access

Records Management Systems Help Organizations Maintain Quick, Secure Access

ARMS Offers Technology-Powered Systems As Well As Traditional Boxed Records

records-management-systems-armsDE PERE, Wisconsin – Automated Records Management Systems (ARMS) understands the important role that records management systems play in an organization’s ability to operate efficiently and securely.

That’s why the Wisconsin company offers an array of digital records and information management solutions that go beyond the traditional box storage services that eat up space and do little in terms of operational efficiency.

“Our clients tell us they appreciate the ability to access records remotely and at any hour of the day,” said Eric Haas, president and CEO of ARMS. “That’s exactly what today’s technology allows us to offer with digital records management systems.”

ARMS’s sales force leverages training in document preparation, scanning and invoicing to assist customers with records management solutions that offer ready access with maximum security.

“As an organization’s records management needs change, advanced systems powered by evolving technology allow it to stay up to date,” Haas said

ARMS also provides off-site storage, secure shredding and data protection services for companies in the Green Bay, Wisconsin, area and across the United States.

For more information about how ARMS can help your organization update its records management system, please call 877-764-2767.

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