Quality data leads to optimal design of heat transfer rolls

The goal in designing custom heat transfer rolls is achieving the highest heat transfer benefit while managing energy use, fluid flow and pressure loss. MECA Solutions, LLC, a leader in the design and manufacture of heating and cooling rolls, works with customers to produce rolls that meet the specific needs of new or reworked processes while providing the best value.

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Titletown’s precision OD grinding hits tolerances of .0001 inch

Titletown Manufacturing LLC’s precision OD grinding (outside diameter) services create steel components that meet the high-performance and exacting surface finish requirements of our customers. With TIR (total indicator runout) of .0001 inch and the ability to meet tolerances +/- .0001 inch, our Churchill OD grinder provides the superior characteristics our customers depend on.

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Is Level 4 drywall finish the best?

In most instances the painting and building contractor are providing services to a set of design documents including construction specifications. These specifications detail the type of drywall (gyp board) finish we are to provide for the owner or tenant. In most cases the finish is called a Level 4 drywall finish.

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