Microfilm Scanning Improves Search Efficiency and Records Security

Microfilm Scanning Improves Search Efficiency and Records Security

ARMS microfilm scanningARMS Inc. Provides Microfilm Scanning

If you have ever attempted to locate an old document stored on rolls of microfilm or sheets of microfiche with nothing more to go on than the year it was produced or a general topic – if you’re lucky – you know the value that microfilm scanning can bring in terms of efficient search capabilities and quality of reproduction. ARMS, Inc., a leading provider of microfilm scanning and paper shredding, helps organizations improve productivity by transferring microfilm to digital formats. These formats take up less space, are more secure and easily searchable.

“Digitizing microfilm records makes documents and images accessible from anywhere and anytime by authorized users,” says Eric Haas, president and CEO at ARMS. “The digitization process also allows for cleaning and enhancing of images that may have degraded over time on microfilm.”

Microfilm Scanning Enhances Productivity

The scanning process involves attaching metadata that adds searchable tags or optical character recognition to files for fast and efficient retrieval. Digital records also can feature varying levels of security, unlike cabinets of microfilm that typically stand in the corner of an office or a basement storage area.

“Microfilm had its day in terms of improved information storage and management of paper documents and images,” Haas says. “But much of the bulky equipment used to read and print microfilm images is unreliable, expensive to fix, and the image quality they produce through magnification or printing is very poor by comparison to today’s digital options.”

Full-Service Information Management and Destruction Services

ARMS is an industry leader in records and information technology solutions, providing organizations “best practice” consulting in the Green Bay, Wisconsin, area and across the United States. ARMS is an SSAE 16-audited company that meets today’s information regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, HITECH and FACTA. Services include traditional document storage, certified information destruction, data protection and media vaulting, and automated workflow solutions.

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