Give yourself a credit boost with professional assistance

Give yourself a credit boost with professional assistance

credit boostBoostMyScore provides expert help to improve individual credit scores

An increasing number of people in need of a credit boost are enlisting the services of repair credit companies that provide professional services geared toward generating fast results. BoostMyScore, LLC, leverages a variety of techniques that result in improved credit scores and other benefits.

Poor credit scores are the single biggest factor in limiting access to additional credit and favorable rates. This can lead to thousands of dollars in additional interest payments over the course of a larger loan.

One of the primary tools the experts at BoostMyScore use is called credit piggybacking.This technique lets clients benefit from the established credit boost power of existing high-limit, low-balance credit cards held by individuals with exceptional credit scores.BoostMyScore has a number of cards available to use with clients who need a boost for their imperfect credit histories.

Credit piggybacking involves adding the client’s name to one of those desirable cards as an authorized user for a limited period of time. The client cannot actually use or see the account they are piggybacking, but the card’s history will nonetheless appear on the client’s credit score with the consumer credit agencies.

A credit boost makes borrowing easier

Credit piggybacking typically provides a credit boost of more than 100 points for clients of BoostMyScore with the major consumer credit reporting agencies. In fact, the average customer realizes a boost of about 120 points within a month or two.

Working with BoostMyScore on a credit score boost well in advance of a planned major purchase provides potential lenders with an established history from which to make their decisions. This minimizes the chances of coming across your ideal home or vehicle, only to be turned down because of poor or nonexistent credit scores.

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About BoostMyScore, LLC

BoostMyScore, LLC, has been helping consumers quickly and easily boost their credit scores using seasoned tradelines since 2007 by offering lower costs and better terms for credit loans than its competitors. Based in Colorado, BoostMyScore has assisted thousands of customers in improving their credit scores so they can obtain mortgages, and secure lines of credit and loans. The company also gives people an opportunity to turn their favorable credit rating into a repeating and reliable income stream.

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