Fox River Fiber Turns Recycled Fiber Into High-Quality Pulp

Fox River Fiber Turns Recycled Fiber Into High-Quality Pulp

Recycling Processes Generate De-Inked Pulp for Paper Manufacturers

Recycled fiber - Fox River FiberDE PERE, Wis. – Fox River Fiber is becoming an increasingly trusted pulp supplier as the paper industry strives to engage more environmentally sustainable production alternatives.

An industry leader in the de-inking of post-consumer wastepaper, Fox River Fiber transforms recycled fiber into high-quality, di-inked pulp. It has developed proprietary processes to recycle fiber and extend the life of landfills, reducing industry’s dependence on environmental resources.

“Customers depend on our Purity brand of de-inked pulp to meet a variety of needs,” said Ted Heimerman, Vice President of Sales. “Our ability to generate recycled fiber is a perfect fit for environmentally conscious companies.”

The company’s Purity brand of pulp is FDA-compliant pulp and appropriate for a variety of applications, including hot cup stock. Fox River Fiber is one of the only suppliers of FDA-grade recycled pulp in the U.S.

In addition to traditional pulp applications, Fox River Fiber uses all of its de-inking process byproducts for productive purposes such as animal bedding, and products for lawn and garden use.

Fox River Fiber earned the Best Places to Work Award from the Pulp and Paper Manufacturers Association (PPMA) in 2013 and the Business Friend of the Environment award from Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce in 2011.

Contact Ted Heimerman, Vice President of Sales, for more information about Fox River Fiber’s recycled fiber supply capabilities at 920-347-4430.

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