Factors to Consider When Choosing One-Way Tour Guide Systems

Factors to Consider When Choosing One-Way Tour Guide Systems

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You know your business and what your team needs to be successful. The challenge comes when researching equipment options for one-way tour guide systems that might fall outside the scope of your area of expertise. Here are a few key factors TourGuide Solutions, a leading supplier of one-way tour guide systems and wireless 2-way systems, suggests you consider when determining which tour guide equipment and supplier to go through:

What Applications Do You Need One-Way Tour Guide Systems For?

One-way tour guide systems quickly are becoming the tool of choice for training, orientation and other applications in addition to leading visitor tours. These systems work best in manufacturing, walking tours or acoustically challenging environments and are used in situations where there is minimal conversation between the tour leader and the audience.

Going with a one-way option allows the tour guide or trainer to have more control around the presentation. They will most likely do most of the talking and have the option of hands-free or use a handheld transmitter. One-way system users designate a single presenter but can further extend the presentation with a handheld microphone that can be passed between presenters or guests for questions.

Does the Supplier Offer Premium Audio Solutions?

One product does not fit all when it comes to tour and training wireless audio systems. TourGuide Solutions offers a wide range of systems with purchase and rental options.

Two of the most popular are the Sennheiser 2020, which was used during the plant tour component of the 2017 IndustryWeek M&T Conference and Expo, and TourGuide Solutions’ own TGS-900, a more budget-friendly option that packs exceptional audio quality.

“We offer one-way tour guide systems that have been field-tested and used by leading brands in their industry,” says Alan Ruffell, product manager at TourGuide Solutions. “We receive raving reviews time after time, with reports that guests have a great experience using these systems.”

Does the Supplier Provide Training and Support?

While generally a simple technology to operate, tour and training leaders still benefit from working with a supplier who provides assistance with setting up one-way tour guide systems and ongoing support.

“Our team provides that personal touch to minimize the anxiety common with learning new technology,” says Ruffell. “We make sure everything is configured correctly and we are there for major events to make sure everything runs smoothly.”

About TourGuide Solutions

TourGuide Solutions is an affiliate company of OwnersEdge Inc., a 100 percent employee-owned ESOP holding company based in Brookfield, Wisconsin. TourGuide Solutions, founded in 1998, provides a wide range of Fortune 500 companies with audio equipment to usher guests through live, interactive plant tours. Its clients include Toyota, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Whirlpool, John Deere and P&G. TourGuide Solutions represents a wide array of product lines, including Sennheiser 2020, Williams Sound Digi-Wave, Listen Technologies, ListenTALK and its own TGS-900.

TourGuide Solutions offers warranty protection, with post-warranty care standard with every purchase. Next-day service is available to locations within the United States. Call 877-204-0225 or visit http://tourguidesolutions.com for more information about TourGuide Solutions products or to request a quote.

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