Document Scanning Turns Boxes of Papers Into Easily Accessible Digital Files

Document Scanning Turns Boxes of Papers Into Easily Accessible Digital Files

ARMS Provides Document Scanning Services That Reduce Storage Expense

document_scanningDE PERE, Wisconsin – Automated Records Management Systems (ARMS) is an industry leader in helping customers minimize storage space expense with cost-effective document scanning services.

ARMS’ document scanning services eliminates the time-consuming task of scanning documents in-house and generates searchable digital files for remote access capability.

“Document scanning helps organizations create more secure versions of paper documents that previously required significant investments in space,” says Eric Haas, president and CEO of ARMS. “We’re able to relieve customers of this task, making document scanning a financially viable solution to an age-old challenge.”

Technology THAT Leverages Organizational Resources

ARMS helps customers improve how they manage, process and secure valuable documents with a variety of tools including the FileBound software suite. FileBound increases productivity through workflow and office automation capabilities that avoid the complexities common with similar systems.

“FileBound is a flexible and scalable document management solution that helps control, optimize and protect valuable information,” Haas says. “In addition to straight document scanning services, ARMS also offers iChamber by Digitech Systems, which is an on-demand Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that features digital storage benefits.”

iChamber reduces records management costs; enhances security and compliance; simplifies disaster recovery, and enables online information access.

“The system features multiple layers of security that ensures data remains accessible only by approved users,” Haas explains. “This way, digital files no longer are at risk for physical destruction in the event of a disaster.”

For more information about how ARMS can help your organization complete its document scanning projects, please call 877-764-2767.

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