Do you want to improve your credit score?

Do you want to improve your credit score?

Boost My Score credit piggybackingBoostMyScore lets you piggyback off existing lines of credit to improve your score

One of the most challenging financial roadblocks for individuals hoping to qualify for credit loans is being weighed down by poor or non-existent credit. It is not a situation that is easily rectified without some help.

Enter BoostMyScore Inc., which has been helping customers do exactly what its name implies for more than a decade. BoostMyScore uses a method known as “credit piggybacking” to help customers dramatically improve their credit scores, often in less than 60 days.

Credit piggybacking involves adding the customer’s name as an authorized user on one of BoostMyScore’s inventory of high-limit, low-balance credit cards that features a long and perfect payment history. The authorized user – who cannot actually use the account – benefits by having that card’s impeccable history appear as part of their own credit.

How much can this process help your credit score?

It depends, but it is not uncommon for BoostMyScore’s customers to see a jump of about 120 points in one or two months’ time. Most individuals find the application process to be straightforward, assuming you have a solid employment history, have not filed for bankruptcy recently, and meet the terms and conditions of the lender.

Consumer credit score reporting agencies see the credit account history you are borrowing as a positive reflection on your own history. It raises your average age of open accounts and lowers your existing credit utilization; in other words, the ratio of how much you have borrowed in credit compared to the total credit you have available.

Just think what adding a 20-year-old credit card with a low balance against its $20,000 limit and the primary cardholder’s history of making payments on time would do for your credit score. That is exactly why credit piggybacking is such a powerful tool in BoostMyScore’s credit score toolbox.

Go to for a free look at your credit score, and then call BoostMyScore Inc. to see if this process is right for you.

About BoostMyScore Inc.

BoostMyScore Inc. has been helping consumers quickly and easily boost their credit scores using seasoned tradelines since 2007 by offering lower costs and better terms for credit loans than its competitors. Based in Colorado, BoostMyScore has assisted thousands of customers in improving their credit scores so they can obtain mortgages, and secure lines of credit and loans. The company also gives people an opportunity to turn their favorable credit rating into a repeating and reliable income stream.

Call BoostMyScore at (800) 531-1472 for more information or to begin your application process.

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