Commercial sheetrock finish in Kansas City

Commercial sheetrock finish in Kansas City

Commercial sheetrock finish in Kansas CityConstruction DesignWorks provides creative choices in gypsum board wall systems

By Scott Hamele, DBIA President and founder of Construction DesignWorks, LLC and Nationwide Commercial Inspections, LLC

Whether you are involved in a commercial tenant finish project or building reconstruction services, you will ultimately be judged upon the final look of your sheetrock (gyp board, gypsum board, drywall plaster board) and paint finish. This is one of the last steps in turning your project over to the client. Understanding the five levels of drywall finishes in accordance with the American Society of Testing Materials – Publication ASTM C80, is imperative to meet the expectations of the client and architect.

These levels define the final visual appearance of the surface and vary greatly in appearance. The interior commercial sheetrock finish of a warehouse office will not require the same smooth quality finish of the walls as that of a five-star hotel lobby. Thus, understanding the level of finish will not only impact the look, but also the cost of the finish.

In addition to the quality of framing and level of the commercial sheetrock finish, there are numerous creative choices to enhance a gyp board wall and/or ceiling assemblies. Companies like United States Gypsum (USG) and Trim-Tex Drywall Products provide a vast array of beads and accessories that enhance the look and feel of a gyp board assembly.

Accessories incorporated in commercial sheetrock finish

Gyp board trim accessories can incorporate square or round edges, built-in shelves, decorative archways, control joints, reveal corner beads and anything you can dream up.

Control joints

Long office hallways can be broken up with the use of control joints. These provide an expansion joint as well as help diminish the effects of flashing and add a nice aesthetic look to long runs of drywall.

Bullnose corners

Adding some bullnose corners will smooth out the lines and joints in your space. These can be added on vertical and horizontal wall corners as well as on a simple archway opening.

Crown molding

The use of a crown molding accessory will add some classic construction details to your office reception and/or conference room at half the cost of installing a composite or wood product.

Reveal corner bead

Instead of boring corners in soffits and ceiling coffers, try adding some reveal corner bead. This will instantly add some imaginative detail and depth to what otherwise would be ignored.

These gyp board accessories will add to your repertoire of construction materials to use in the commercial sheetrock finish, and can increase value to a commercial tenant improvement construction project. These accessories are a great alternative to more expensive materials such as wood, stone or fabric and can easily be incorporated into most commercial sheetrock finish designs.

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