Automated Records Management Offers An External Resource to Reduce the Workload

Automated Records Management Offers An External Resource to Reduce the Workload

Corporate Records Management Requires Input From Multiple Departments

DE PERE, Wis. – Assembling your records management team is the first step toward building a strong records management strategy for your business. Automated Records Management Systems, Inc. (ARMS) works as a consultant and third-party resource in providing records management expertise for companies of all sizes.

“Records management is a complex and crucial business task,” says Eric Haas, president and CEO at ARMS “Assembling a mix of personnel from a variety of departments can diversify the workload, and having specific policies and procedures in place ensures consistency of records management.”

arms-automated-records-managementHere are some suggestions for team members appropriate for an internal records management group:

Human resources – The turnover prevalent in most workplaces makes it important that the HR department stays current with all records-related decisions and procedures. Regulations require companies to retain most employee-related files, such as termination and resignation letters.

Long-term security makes it imperative that locks and passwords are changed with employees leave, creating another reason for HR involvement in records management.

Information technology – Since electronic files and emails fall under the same records-related regulations and hard-copy files, input from the IT department is critical. IT personnel have expertise into the best ways to manage the data, password protection, as well as storage devices requiring destruction once they’re no longer needed.

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