Audio Tour Equipment Can Provide a Superior Tour Experience

Audio Tour Equipment Can Provide a Superior Tour Experience

TourGuide Solutions Focuses on Creating Positive End Result

TourGuide Solutions audio tour equipmentImagine the frustration of trying to lead a tour inside a loud manufacturing environment or outside on a windy day. Without wireless audio tour equipment to make yourself heard loud and clear, that specific message or script you worked so hard to perfect would be blowing in the wind.

TourGuide Solutions, North America’s leading provider of wireless tour guide systems and two-way tour systems, works with customers to make the live audio tour equipment experience as enjoyable and beneficial as possible for presenters and guests alike.

A presenter’s ability to speak in conversational tones provides a superior experience compared to shouting over background noise or speaking inappropriately loud in a gallery setting. That is the thought process behind leading brands and events such as IndustryWeek’s decision to use the Sennheiser 2020 tour audio system for the plant tour component of its Manufacturing & Technology (M&T) Conference for the past four years.

“One size does not fit all when it comes to wireless audio tour equipment,” says Alan Ruffell, Product Manager at TourGuide Solutions. “We focus on the desired end result with our customers in proposing the ideal tour guide system for their specific needs.”

Wireless Audio Tour Equipment Gaining in Popularity

Companies and organizations, big and small, increasingly are renting or purchasing wireless audio tour equipment for short-term and extended use purposes. First impressions are critically important, and the ability to hear a presenter clearly is a major component to a positive experience.

“Each of the systems we carry has the configuration flexibility to optimize the experience and help your message come through loud and clear,” Ruffell says. “We care about what a successful tour experience looks like for you, and using the wrong system can be as detrimental as using no system at all.”

About TourGuide Solutions

TourGuide Solutions is an affiliate company of OwnersEdge Inc., a 100 percent employee-owned ESOP holding company based in Brookfield, Wisconsin. TourGuide Solutions, founded in 1998, provides a wide range of Fortune 500 companies with audio equipment to usher guests through live, interactive plant tours. Its clients include Toyota, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Whirlpool, John Deere and P&G. TourGuide Solutions represents a wide array of product lines, including Sennheiser 2020, Williams Sound Digi-Wave, Listen Technologies, ListenTALK and its own TGS-900.

TourGuide Solutions offers warranty protection, with post-warranty care standard with every purchase. Next-day service is available to locations within the United States. Call 877-204-0225 or visit for more information about TourGuide Solutions products or to request a quote.

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