ARMS Is Experienced in Providing Legal Document Scanning Solutions

ARMS Is Experienced in Providing Legal Document Scanning Solutions

Improving Your Efficiency With ARMS Service Bureau Scanning

legal document scanning from ARMSDE PERE, Wis. – Reduce paper. Reduce risk. Reduce cost. These are the premises behind legal document scanning at ARMS. They specialize in document management and security.

Serving insurance, legal, government, healthcare and many more industries, ARMS is compliant with multiple national acts regarding legal document scanning, storage and destruction. Having an experienced business partner like ARMS can save time and money. The facilitation of discovery services, digital media conversion and legal document scanning are all parts of the support services ARMS offers to our legal clients.

Get rid of the expensive office space required to store paper, files and boxes. No more having your documents in an oversized cabinet in the corner of your office or taking up all of your closet or storage space. It is no longer worth the time and space to keep documents on-site when you can have them digitized and accessible online instantly and anywhere. Scanning in your legal documents also allows you to attach metadata for document indexing and coding giving you the ability to sort and search more easily. This also provides documented custody control of eDiscovery information.

Let us not forget about the risk of having records on-site. The cabinet in the corner is not the most secure way to store your documents. At any moment, documents can walk out the door, get lost or be destroyed in an unexpected disaster like a fire. Legal document scanning by ARMS will ensure the immortality of your documents. Your documents are available in the secure online portal 24/7 and are automatically backed up for additional security.

Eliminate the internal administrative costs and maintenance of storage space. ARMS wants to improve your company’s efficiency and workflow by doing your legal document scanning in our secure production environment. Stop wasting money on administrative overhead and let ARMS take care of it for you for a set unit rate, while you enjoy scheduled project completion.

The company has offered and consistently maintained high-quality services and nurtured long-lasting relationships with customers, employees and vendors for years. In addition to legal document scanning, ARMS provides other document management services to the Green Bay and greater Northeast Wisconsin areas. They are NAID certified to take care of your sensitive documents. For more information about how ARMS can help your company, please call 877-764-2767.

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