Are you still wondering if you need to improve your credit score?

Are you still wondering if you need to improve your credit score?

improving credit scoresBoostMyScore helps customers save money with better borrowing rates

Building your credit score is an ongoing process that can lead to improved access to credit, and more importantly, better borrowing rates. BoostMyScore Inc., is an expert in helping individuals improve their credit score, uses a specific technique that generally results in gains of more than 100 points from the consumer credit score reporting agencies.

Many of BoostMyScore’s customers come from the mindset of hoping their credit score is good enough, only to find out it is not good enough when they need it most. Poor credit scores do more to crush the dream of home ownership or other substantial purchases than any other factor.

A significant portion of your credit score is made up of your history with regular monthly consumer credit accounts. A poor showing – or no history at all – with this type of credit will negatively affect your credit score. In fact,individuals who have never paid for anything on credit suffer from poor credit scores as much as people with a poor history of handling credit.

Have a better credit score in place for when you need it

The BoostMyScore team encourages its customers to begin the process of improving credit scores at least two months prior to needing it. Since specific target dates often are unknown, engaging the services of BoostMyScore often is best completed sooner than later.

BoostMyScore uses the “credit piggybacking” method to help individuals improve their credit scores quickly. The company’s average customer sees about 120 point credit score improvement within 4 to 6 weeks.

Credit piggybacking is a strategy that leverages the power of existing high-limit, low-balance credit cards held by individuals with superior credit scores. BoostMyScore accumulates a large inventory of these cards for the sole purpose of assisting individuals who need access to their long and perfect payment histories.

Adding a customer’s name to one of these cards as an authorized user, even for a short period, enhances the individual’s credit score in the eyes of the consumer credit score reporting companies. This technique is safe for the card owner as well, since the authorized user cannot actually see or use the account.

Wondering what your credit score is? Get a free look at, and then call BoostMyScore to see if this process would help improve your credit score.

About BoostMyScore Inc.

BoostMyScore Inc., has been helping consumers quickly and easily boost their credit scores using seasoned tradelines since 2007 by offering lower costs and better terms for credit loans than its competitors. Based in Colorado, BoostMyScore has assisted thousands of customers in improving their credit scores so they can obtain mortgages, and secure lines of credit and loans. The company also gives people an opportunity to turn their favorable credit rating into a repeating and reliable income stream.

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