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Aperture Card Scanning Turns Outdated Technology into Digital Assets

aperture card scanning at ARMS

ARMS Helps Companies Transition to More a Secure, Searchable Platform

DE PERE, Wisconsin – Organizations in Wisconsin and throughout the United States are leveraging the aperture card scanning services offered by Automated Records Management Systems (ARMS) to make the transition from outdated technology to efficient digital storage. Aperture cards are a type of punched card used for archiving that features a cut-out window mounted with a microfilm chip. Aperture cards typically have information printed across the top of the card for visual identification.

Aperture cards are going the way of rotary phones,” said Eric Haas, president and CEO at ARMS. “Technically savvy businesses understand they need to transfer the valuable information on these cards to a more secure, searchable platform.”

Digital storage provides efficiencies

Aperture cards restrict organizations’ ability to efficiently store and access the information they contain in a similar manner to the microfilm chips they carry. Handling these physical cards takes up space and requires specific equipment to read. In addition, processing the optimal film takes significant time and resources. Faded images on the chips, or those with low or uneven contrast, do not reproduce well and detail may become lost over time.

“And that’s if you can locate the correct aperture card to begin with,” Haas said. “Misfiling cards or storing them in large archives often results in losing them forever unless they are found by accident in the future.”

Aperture card scanning by ARMS allows organizations to extend the life of these important documents and images indefinitely, while making them significantly more accessible to approved viewers through searchable titles and tags. ARMS’s scanning capabilities feature image enhancement software that often makes the new digital image superior in quality to the original pre-scan image. The resulting digital images can be output in a variety of file types, including PDF.

Secure Access Aligns With Privacy Laws

Off-site aperture card scanning helps protect organizations from major environmental disasters such as fire, smoke and water. Controlled access to digital files also supports state and federal laws such as FACTA and HIPAA.

ARMS is SSAE16 audited, as well as holding a Privacy+ certification from PRISM International for its physical storage and handling of hard-copy records and offline removable computer media. PRISM is the global trade association for information management companies.

ARMS is a Full-Service Information Storage Provider

In addition to aperture card scanning services, ARMS offers paper document scanning services, off-site human resources document storage, secure paper shredding services, data protection, records management, and workflow software services for companies and organizations in the Green Bay, Wisconsin, area and across the United States.

For more information about how ARMS can help your organization meets its aperture card scanning needs, please call 877-764-2767 or visit

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